Tradition and innovation are fused to complete your personalized creation, uniquely tailored to you, and exemplified through timeless design and fine craftsmanship.

From the moment you step inside our boutique for your first appointment, you will experience the singular Made to Order service. Your appointed Stylist will guide you through the process of constructing a garment that is expertly tailored for you with utmost attention to detail.

Your emersion into the bespoke world of CIANO & ROZZA continues with the selection of details such as fabric, fit and style that are woven into the character of your personalized garment. Your stylist will follow you during the entire process, proposing a range of high-quality styles and options for you to choose from based on what feels unique to you.

Every CIANO & ROZZA garment embodies the hallmarks of the designer’s style codes. From the shoulders down, the garment hangs perfectly to your body’s contours. The highly exact measurement process will ensure that the garment has only one fit: yours

Every CIANO & ROZZA Made-to-Order piece is meticulously assembled over a 14-day period. Elements are added with the highest care possible, before being delivered to the

CIANO & ROZZA store, or any other location of your choice.

You will be contacted as soon as your garment/garments are ready for a final fitting, and barring any last adjustments, the garment/garments are yours to wear with confidence. Each garment is a pinnacle of excellence in tailoring and style.

To book an appointment please contact our boutique or alternatively visit us to explore the full service available.