A CIANO & ROZZA product embarks on a journey comprised of several fundamental phases: design, sale, production, and distribution. Continuous collaboration between the CIANO & ROZZA design team leads to the development of the collection briefing from which the prototypes are made. Upon completion of the technical and economic evaluations, the sale sample is produced.

The latter is essential to initiating the sales process in showrooms across all markets and all distribution channels used by CIANO & ROZZA. The last phase of the chain is the relationship with the customers who will eventually find in the various distribution channels the products designed for them several months earlier.

Australian Manufacturing

Producing most of the CIANO & ROZZA collections in Australia remains an integral part of our brand, as it has been since the launch of CIANO & ROZZA in 2015.

We have an ongoing commitment to support the Australian manufacturing industry in the largest viable capacity. All CIANO & ROZZA prototype samples are designed in our Melbourne studio by our Creative Director and the Atelier team to ensure cohesion of quality in every CIANO & ROZZA design.

Italian Fabrics

The Italian textile industry has occupied a position of supremacy in the world since the Middle Ages. Italian fabric ranges are for men who are serious about what they wear. Extremely luxurious lightweight, Italian fabrics are for men who command quality and distinction.

The most established Italian textile mills had built an excellent reputation based primarily on the elegance of their fabrics. The main reason that the world demands the 100% Made in Italy fabrics is that the textile mills have set great value on the sensory characteristics such as high-quality fabrics, unique creation appearance, lightness and texture, and sophisticated production processes.

Italy has been a leader in innovative, beautiful, high-quality textiles for decades.